Sunday, October 25, 2009

Has technology made our lives easier or more complex?

Technology is a wonderful thing, it really is. We have cell phones that can access email, facebook, myspace; we can text, IM, and call our friends and family from anywhere in the world (assuming we have reception). But has this made our lives easier? Or has it, unbeknownst to us, made it more complicated?

I'm on the (fail)boat to say that it's made our lives easier. We have instant access to our friends, we can call and arrange dinner with our loved ones when we aren't even home from the office yet. We can send eachother pointless forwarded text messages, and even better we can forward pointless emails!

But I do believe that there are some good pieces of technology out there. For the diabetics of the world you can check your blood sugar with the touch of a button; for people who's hearts are fail, you can get a new one. Speaking of hearts, those who have nobody in this world can go online and start meeting people (there are some online dating relationships that have turn into something real, i was at the wedding!).

Technology does add to our lives: we don't wake up and feed the chickens and milk the cows anymore.
We wake up and turn on the machine that feeds the chickens; and turn on the machine that milks the cows.

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  1. I can tell you are a big fan of technology, and you work well within it. Technology has made our lives easier in many ways, and yet we don't seem to be less stressed. I wonder why? Maybe it's part of the American condition.